Mixed Messages - text collage, 2021

Ambiguity and forced attention frames create multiple paths to meaning.

O'Keeffe Country Road Trip - Artist Book

Punky's Princess Fantasy - mixed media collage, 2021

Punky dreams of the royal treatment and lifestyle she deserves. On awakening she suffers the disappointment of another endless afternoon without her loyal mice subjects to wait on her. 

Artist Statement 

A Tabby cat with her fancy possessions: family crest, goblet, cushion, tiara Composition colors are purple, pink, gold and mint green. Soft colors in background, realistic colors and texture on cat. A purple aura on most elements. Lot of mice all over everything in various attitudes. 

Themes and Emotion

Cat head is largest element - reflecting her self importance. Cat attitude is nonchalant, and seemingly entitled to the luxurious space. Colors like gold and purple represent wealth. Everything around the cat is bright saturated color and cartoonish. The presence of mice make us wonder, why would they hangout with cat? Is some kind of mind control at work? Or is it a traditional service to the reigning royal person? Family crest cat's tail is very long, suggesting the length of the cat ancestral line. 


Cat is central by size, color and execution, everything else exists in her mind and gains her color. Even mice are purple, as an under class who serve but are ultimately disposable. Punky dreams of the life she deserves, as a rich princess with lots of mouse servants/subjects, who may become snacks.