Digital Art

Simple manipulations

Xander - Space Cat

A photo of a cat becomes a alien fantasy landscape.

Still Life from Five Found Objects

Space Oddity

A text book, a bandana, a calculator, five pencils and a plastic toy all went on an adventure into an alternate reality.

Vector Graphics

Flower Child

The style of my self-portrait is influenced by the elements in Frida Kahlo’s work, and is executed in the artistic style of Peter Max. In my portrait, as in Kahlo’s, my face is central and facing the viewer straight-on. And as in Kahlo work, I am surrounded by the bright colors and iconography.  In my case, these represent the memes of my youth during the 60s and 70s. During these years, I was strongly affected by the pacifism, civil rights, bohemian lifestyle, art and music of the youth movements of that era. Peter Max was one of the dominant visual artists of the time, contributing his psychedelic, symmetrical and colorful style to posters, album covers and much more. I may not wear tie-dye as much these days, but in my heart I will always be a hippie. 

Animated Gifs

Chechen Itza

A place, unpeopled.

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