The Empty House

On January 21, 1950, Kenny married the love of his life, Ruth, at her parents house in Ohio. They shared over 63 wonderful years of marriage before she preceded him in death in January, 2013.  Kenny, age 87, died two years later, in January, 2015.

Since his death, their house has been empty. It still is deeded to Kenny. Someone eventually removed the abandoned vehicles, and until 2021 someone mowed the yard twice a year. It sits on a very nice piece of acreage, with a little stream in the back. The barn is full of crumbling and rotten detritus, and the house windows are broken and open to the weather and wildlife.

I'm kind of in love with this house, and what it symbolizes. Every year it becomes less a monument to a family, and more of a testament to the irresistible forces of time and nature. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. What humans build, time unbuilds.


"bldg" - Macro/Distance Landscape (2021)

These are the "buildings" that humans make. From the nano-scale microprocessor to the monumental scale of a multi-story structure, humans are organizing and creating spaces for other humans to occupy and create in. The painting itself is a human-made building.


The composition is arranged to draw attention to the similarity in design between the elements. It's all geometry from top to bottom. The modules of the microprocessor are rectangular blocks all fitted on a two-dimensional plane. The floors of the building are a stack of blocks in  three-dimensional space. 

What do these human buildings say about the people who designed and made them? 

Still Life - Terracotta, Glass, Fiber & Skin

Deconstructing Cicada Summer

Cicada Summer - Paper and Acrylic Collage, 2021

Self Portrait